How honest and open should you be in a relationship?

Openness is a condition for a good relationship. We want to be able to show our true feelings, be ourselves. Openness is therefore an important pillar on which a relationship rests.

White lies

Research shows that people in a relationship are not always 100% honest with each other. However, lies and secrets have a positive function in many cases. The well-known white lies are there to avoid hurting the other person or to make your partner feel better. is a way to strengthen and confirm your relationship. You’re basically saying that you care more about your loved one’s feelings than the truth.

To conceal something

Occasionally keeping secrets can also be useful because of your own need for privacy within the relationship. Your own personal integrity must also be protected. Honesty can sometimes unnecessarily lead to suspicion, even if it concerns matters that are far in the past. For example, if you tell your current partner that you had an affair in a previous relationship, your partner will consciously or unconsciously worry about it. Al is about situations in the distant past and has nothing to do with your current situation.

Serious lies

The daily lies discussed above are not a threat to the relationship, but serious lies are of course different. If it involves something immoral or illegal, the relationship can of course be damaged. In any case, serious secrets bring stress and feelings of guilt, which can be read in your body language and there is a good chance that the secret will come out. A comment from a third party or possibly physical evidence can also make the lies come true.

How honest do you have to be

In any case, it is important to find out how open and honest you should be in your relationship. Check your partner’s tolerance level and the way he responds with an innocent comment. This way you can find out how judgmental your partner is and how forgiving. In any case, think long and hard about how and when you want to say something.

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