Nail biting: 5 tips to stop it

Nail biting is a bad habit that many people suffer from: there are approximately 600 million nail biters worldwide. Many would like to get rid of this habit. But what exactly can you do to stop it? In this article you will find 5 tips to stop biting your nails.

What exactly does it mean?

Nail biting, as the name suggests, involves biting off pieces of the nails. The reason why people bite their nails is not the same for everyone: some people bite their nails in order to bite off a specific piece, others do it unconsciously. Nail biting is often caused by nervousness, stress or boredom. In addition to nail biters, there are also people who bite their cuticles: this is called onychotillomania. There are also people who bite the nails of their toes, which is also called podophagia.

Tips to stop biting your nails

1. Use nail biting liquid

Nail biting fluid, also called anti-nail biting fluid, is a remedy that can be purchased at the drugstore. The liquid is available in different forms, including in the form of nail polish. The liquid gives the nails a bad, bitter taste. So when you bite your nails, you will get a bad taste in your mouth. This way you are reminded not to bite your nails. This nail polish can also be used by men: the nail polish is not shiny and colorless.

2. Get artificial nails

Getting artificial nails is of course only a tip for the ladies among us. If you have artificial nails, you will quickly give up nail biting. Artificial nails are often so hard that it is not even possible to bite them off. You can choose to have artificial nails put on with a manicure, but it is also possible to buy and apply them yourself. There are many different types of artificial nails, so there is bound to be something you like.

3. Paint your nails

This tip is also just for the ladies: paint your nails. You naturally want to keep your painted nails beautiful, which increases the chance that you will refrain from biting. If you still bite your nails after painting your nails, you can try painting your nails black instead of a different color. Black nails do not look attractive to bite on, which can contribute to the fact that you stop biting your nails.

4. Put plasters on your fingers or put on gloves

This tip may sound a bit crazy, but it works! When you have bandages on your fingers or gloves, it is impossible to bite your nails. Of course your hands look a bit strange with bandages or gloves. That is why, for example, you could only use plasters or gloves when you bite your nails a lot. For example, do you notice that you mainly bite your nails when you watch TV or when you are sitting at the computer? Make sure you put plasters on your fingers or put on gloves at these times.

5. Motivate yourself!

If you are motivated, chances are it will be easier to stop biting your nails. For example, you can motivate yourself by setting a goal. Maybe you have a party soon where you want to look beautiful. You can then set the goal that your nails will be neat and long again by then. You can also agree with yourself that you can buy something nice when you have stopped biting your nails for a certain number of weeks. There is a good chance that it will then take less effort to stop biting your nails.

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