How to make your own anti-pimple cream?

Do you always suffer from pimples or acne and you just can’t get rid of them? Everything you try doesn’t seem to help. To get rid of it, you can get started yourself. With three natural ingredients and a base of Vaseline – usually pH neutral and suitable for all skin – you can make your own anti-pimple cream. How do you make that cream and what ingredients do you need?

anti-pimple cream

  • Collect the natural ingredients
  • Heat Vaseline as a basic pimple cream
  • Add and infuse ingredients
  • Using the cream


Collect the natural ingredients

To make your own anti-pimple cream or ointment, you first need to gather the right ingredients. But what do you need to collect to create a powerful cream? The easiest way is to look for ingredients that are fairly standardly available in and around the house. The following ingredients have a very beneficial effect on pimples:

  • thyme: preferably buy fresh thyme at the market or in the supermarket. If you don’t have fresh ones, you can take the dried variety. It contains thymol and therefore has a disinfectant effect;
  • nettles: it is best to get nettles from a slightly wooded area not located next to a road. You can also collect them from your backyard. Make sure you put on gloves or make a pulling motion from underneath so that the nettle does not sting you. Only include the upper part of the nettle where the leaf share is large and the stem share is the least. The leaves then have a high concentration of quercetin, which also has a disinfectant effect;
  • common comfrey: this plant is common in roadsides, dikes and ditch banks. Normally this plant blooms in the summer months and has a hanging cluster of flowers in pink to purple color and are bell-shaped. The plant contains allantoin, which disinfects wounds or pimples so that recovery occurs quickly. Comfrey also has a pimple-pulling effect, so you can get rid of the pimple quickly.


Heat Vaseline as a basic pimple cream

Vaseline is used for the base of the cream. You cannot heat this directly on an open fire, because it burns quickly. Take the following steps:

  • Find two pans where one pan is a lot larger than the second. In the large pan you put water, in the small pan you put the Vaseline;
  • heat the water in the first pan. Do this gradually until the water is reasonably warm so that you put it on a low heat. Place the second pan in the first pan and let the pan float. The contents of the second pan are heated in a bain marie until it melts;
  • Once the Vaseline has melted, the finely chopped dry parts can be added.


Add and infuse ingredients

It is necessary to allow the natural ingredients to work properly in the Vaseline. Combine the selected ingredients and chop finely. The finer the chop, the better the substances are transferred to the Vaseline. Once chopped, do the following:

  • put the chops in the liquid warm Vaseline and stir it well a few times;
  • let the Vaseline soak for twelve hours, while the bain-marie keeps the Vaseline liquid;
  • make sure you keep stirring the concentrate a few times every hour;
  • then strain the mixture with a cloth or tea filter to remove the rough pieces;
  • let the pan cool with the mixture in it and add an oil such as almond oil until the mixture has obtained the optimal thickness and spreadability;
  • then put the extract in jars for long-term storage.


Using the cream

If you suffer from acne or pimples, this ointment has a good disinfectant effect. After showering, apply the ointment to the pimples, which starts a continuous disinfection and healing process. The comfrey part in the ointment certainly has a pimple-pulling effect. In addition to acne and pimples, the ointment is also suitable for:

  • accelerate recovery from bruises, such as a sprained ankle;
  • eczema and dry rashes, psoriasis, ulcers;
  • insect bite.

So you can treat a range of conditions with a homemade liniment. Use the cream in moderation on the face, but it can be applied in higher doses to other parts of the body. Of course you can also get a similar ointment already prepared at the health food store.

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