How can you deal with Arthritis and painful joints?

If you get an illness such as a cold, the flu, migraines and the like, you can assume that you will function completely normally again within a few days to a week. How different is this for a chronic condition such as arthritis. A chronic condition is always present and the enjoyment of life is significantly disrupted because normal movements can no longer be made without pain. What can you do yourself so that you can live a positive life with arthritis or painful joints at an acceptable level?

Arthritis, painful joints

  • What are the consequences of arthritis?
  • Restriction of physical boundaries
  • Causing stressors
  • How can life be organized better?
  • What additional things can you do yourself?


What are the consequences of arthritis?

Arthritis manifests itself in inflammation of the fluid between the bones of a joint, which can cause swelling, heat and pain. The pain has become a standard part of the day. In addition, physical stress can, on the one hand, change the appearance of your body and, on the other hand, it can cause a person to suffer psychologically. An additional effect is that people have a less positive attitude to life, which also causes bad behavior such as unhealthy eating and insufficient exercise. Indirectly, the disease can alienate you from the environment and contract other diseases.

Restriction of physical boundaries

The inflammation causes swelling and chronic pain, including morning stiffness and limited range of motion. This can also affect functioning at work and may mean that tasks at work and the environment may need to be adjusted. The limitations of the physical structure can therefore lead to financial problems with all the associated additional problems. Some household tasks take more time and there may be tasks that can no longer be completed. Sometimes help from home care is needed or your partner has to take on many tasks. Due to the loss of control over one’s own functioning, one becomes anxious or depressed about what lies ahead and what does not lie ahead with this condition.

Causing stressors

Because the body protests with every movement made, the body becomes physically stressed. This can lead to frustration, violence and sometimes depression. The immediate environment will also be directly affected by the disease, because they have to deal with the negative side of the person suffering from arthritis on a daily basis. The family bond can come under pressure and a relationship can be destroyed. But it doesn’t have to come to that!

How can life be organized better?

Take action as soon as the first problems arise regarding coping with the condition. The sooner help is found, the easier it will be for those with arthritis. Having arthritis is annoying enough and so one must stay positive. In this way one can move forward in life. Three reasons why life needs to be adjusted sooner.

Help from environment

By seeking help, certain aspects of life are alleviated and the sick person remains positive for longer. Positivity has a good effect on the body, making life fun.

Quick help

Getting timely help gives you the opportunity to quickly learn more about the condition and gives you time to adjust your life accordingly.


Those around you will be aware of it sooner and will therefore be prepared to help you more quickly. The larger the group of people who want to lend a helping hand, the more positive this is for mental stability. From the start of the condition you have the feeling that you are being optimally supported.

What additional things can you do yourself?

Having chronic arthritis means that the person constantly suffers from stiff and painful joints. What you can do yourself is not sit back and do nothing! So take action so that you benefit from it. There are a number of aspects with which you can additionally stimulate your body.

Lose weight and eat

Losing weight puts less pressure on the joints. Lose weight to reduce pain;eat enough magnesium-containing products, because magnesium is essential for hundreds of body processes. Drink natural tea such as nettle tea. This has a purifying effect on the body, removing uric acids. Be informed about this by the reformhuis.

Exercise and exercise a lot

Exercise ensures that the blood continues to flow properly. This allows toxins to be removed more quickly, including toxins from the joints. If necessary, go to the physiotherapist. Walking also reduces the influence of lactic acid, because trained muscles are less affected by it.Keep a positive attitude. On the one hand , positivity and being in the middle of life ensures that those around you like you, which also keeps you positive. On the other hand, it ensures that the brain does not produce negativity hormones. This way you can prevent depression.

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