Healthy food to reduce the risk of cancer

In an optimally functioning body, cancer cannot develop, said Dr. Moerman years ago. If the body has become out of balance, harmony can be restored through healthy nutrition. The importance of good and healthy nutrition to reduce the risk of cancer is great and is also increasingly mentioned by medical science. Many people are familiar with the Moerman Diet. It’s not easy to follow. Dr. Houtsmuller uses the principles of the Moerman diet but offers a wider choice.

  • The Moerman diet and the development of cancer
  • Healthy food
  • Therapy from Dr. Houtsmuller
  • Nutrition according to Dr. Houtsmuller diet
  • What should one not eat?
  • Similarities of the Moerman Diet and the Houtsmuller Diet
  • Health Council


The Moerman diet and the development of cancer

Dr. Moerman lived from 1893 to 1988 and did a lot of research into the relationship between diet and the development of cancer. There are many people who still follow the Moerman Diet today and these are not only patients who have cancer. The diet is also seen as a form of healthy eating that helps prevent cancer. Yet the Moerman therapy has never been recognized by medical science. The Moerman Diet has banned quite a few products that we use every day, which makes the diet difficult to maintain. Still, the principles are important to know. Dr. Moerman assumes that eight substances must be present in the diet, namely:

  • Vitamin A,
  • Vitamin B complex
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Citric acid
  • Iodine
  • Sulfur
  • Iron


Healthy food

A number of products are prohibited in the Moerman Diet. These are meat, fish, poultry, water, coffee, tea, sugar, potatoes.Products that are permitted are: vegetable and fruit juices, buttermilk, whole wheat bread, lettuce and other vegetables, fruit, grains and brown rice, butter, cheese and olive oil and nuts. Under the influence of advancing knowledge about nutrition, the possibilities of healthy nutrition have expanded. The physician and internist Dr. We can see Houtsmuller as the successor to Dr. Moerman.

Therapy from Dr. Houtsmuller

Dr. Houtsmuller is an internist who was born in 1924. He declared that he had cured himself of cancer. This later turned out not to be entirely correct and he had to qualify his statements. During his illness he followed a diet that is broader and therefore easier to maintain than the Moerman diet. He does use additional vitamins, minerals and supplements. Also Dr. Houtsmuller believes that our diet contains far too few minerals, vitamins and trace elements. We are dealing with free radicals that attack our health. You can combat these free radicals with the frequent use of antioxidants. With Dr.’s therapy Houtsmuller, separate medications are used. The therapy is not reimbursed in the health insurance package. Dr. Houtsmuller died on March 6, 2015. He was 91 years old.

Nutrition according to Dr. Houtsmuller diet

For many people, this diet will not change their daily diet that much, but it does require some discipline:

  • Coffee is allowed. However, not caffeine-free and not after nine o’clock in the evening.
  • Green tea is allowed, not with sugar but with honey
  • Curd, biogarde and buttermilk may be used. Yogurt is also not prohibited here
  • Fish may be used several times a week, but only oily fish that can be fried in butter or olive oil
  • Fruit and vegetables should be used fresh as much as possible and in large quantities. Preference is given to unsprayed fruit and vegetables, potatoes can be eaten. Of good quality and organically grown
  • Eggs are good
  • Whole wheat bread and grains may be eaten
  • Spices are allowed except nutmeg and black pepper


What should one not eat?

There are certain products you should avoid. Those are:

  • Meat is not allowed, but an occasional sin is no problem
  • Peanuts are prohibited but nuts are allowed
  • Alcohol is prohibited, but occasional sin is allowed. In principle, one glass of good red wine is allowed.
  • White flour and refined sugar should be avoided

There is by Dr. Houtsmuller published a book entitled: The Dr. Houtsmuller diet. Nutrition as a strong weapon against cancer.

Similarities of the Moerman Diet and the Houtsmuller Diet

Both diets mainly use a lot of vegetables and fruit. The importance of sufficient vitamins is paramount. Because coffee and tea are allowed, the diet is easier to maintain. Both diets advocate frequent use of vegetables and vegetable juices. You can eat fruit raw or juice it. Whole grain products are also allowed in both, as well as nuts. Both with the Moerman therapy and with the Dr. There are proponents and opponents of Houtsmuller therapy. Some people say they benefit greatly from the therapy and others talk about quacks.

Health Council

The Health Council regularly provides advice on healthy eating. The frequent use of fresh vegetables and lots of fruit is especially necessary. You should also get enough proteins and carbohydrates. Whether we want to use the specific principles of the Moerman Diet or the Dr. Anyone can look at the Houtsmuller diet for themselves.

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