The miracle cure called natural vinegar

When fermenting products become sour through the use of acetobacter, natural vinegar is created. Traditionally this is made by mixing alcohol over wood chips, causing a chemical fermentation reaction. Normal vinegar contains approximately four to fifteen percent acetic acid and has a pH value of around two. This falls far outside the range within which bacteria and fungi can normally develop. With this property, vinegar can be used effectively to tackle several health ailments. What can natural vinegar be used effectively for?

Natural vinegar

  • Diet with natural vinegar
  • Blood pressure and sugar level
  • Dental plaque and tartar
  • Fungal and bacterial infections
  • Insect and jellyfish sting


Diet with natural vinegar

People who regularly add vinegar to their food gain less weight than people who do not take it. Vinegar stimulates the breakdown of fats in food. The body can therefore obtain less energy from food and the body must use relatively more stored fats. People who add vinegar to their food daily or drink a vinegar-water tea solution can maintain a healthier body weight. This has also been shown in a Japanese study with mice. The mice were given the same amount of food every day, but those mice with additional acetic acid in their diet appeared to have ten percent less body weight. Fats are processed by the small intestine directly past the stomach through bile. The more fat there is in the stomach, the more acid is active and more bile is secreted by the gallbladder. By ingesting an acetic acid solution, relatively more acid is active in the stomach, causing more bile to be added. Fat is broken down relatively better and therefore no longer ends up in the body as calories. Citric acid as a solution in water can also help you lose weight.

Blood pressure and sugar level

By using vinegar in food, less fat is stored, and more fat is removed from the body to meet the body’s energy demand. Using vinegar is good for blood pressure and therefore also for blood sugar levels. Relatively less cholesterol in the blood reduces the risk of thrombosis and therefore reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease due to the vinegar diet. Consume acidic food to live longer. Please note that this has not been scientifically proven, but it is a realistic conclusion based on the beneficial effect of acid/bile on fat.

Dental plaque and tartar

You usually visit the dentist every six months and tartar is removed again. Dental plaque is caused by an alkaline pH value of the mouth. A lower pH value ensures that the dental deposits can be dissolved. On the other hand, cavities are also caused by a pH value that is too low. To rid your mouth of tartar, you can use a vinegar solution and rinse your mouth with it. However, do not do this too often to prevent cavities. So rinse your mouth with a vinegar and water solution once every two months to keep your mouth nice and fresh and clean. Then brush your teeth to increase the fluoride content and prevent cavities.

Fungal and bacterial infections

Many bacteria and fungi are present on the body and are normally controlled by the acidity of our body. The body has a pH value of 5 to 6, while bacteria thrive optimally at a pH value of 8. It is possible that the pH value is disturbed by, for example, the use of alkaline soap. To limit the influence and growth of bacteria and fungi, the use of a vinegar solution can be of great help. Bacteria cannot thrive if they come into regular contact with acid. Think of:

  • fungal infection of the nail that causes a fungal nail: take a foot bath in vinegar solution;
  • fungal infection of the glans or foreskin causing red spots;
  • itchy ears after swimming: add one part vinegar to one part spring water and rinse the ears with it;
  • parasites: these do not like an acidic environment. This can be both internal and external.


Insect and jellyfish sting

In spring and summer there are many animals in the air. Many of those animals such as wasps and bees can sting viciously. Vinegar is a good remedy because, on the one hand, vinegar has a cooling effect. The skin will not swell or will swell less. On the other hand, vinegar has a poison-neutralizing effect. Vinegar can also be used to treat a jellyfish sting. However, if you are at the beach and you get stung when there is no vinegar around, pee on the sting. If you are stuck somewhere where you cannot urinate yourself, ask for assistance from someone nearby. The urine is partly acidic, which reduces the effect of the jellyfish sting. If you happen to have a sour fruit with you, that also offers a solution. The sooner acid is used on a bite or sting, the faster the body will recover.

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