Tulpas – Creating objects with thoughts

Tulpas are objects or living beings created merely through the use of thought, visualization, focus and attention. So it is a thought that takes a material form. It sounds unbelievable, but there are many eyewitness accounts that confirm the existence of tulpas.

The Secret

Since the release of the book and documentary The Secret, there has been a lot of talk in the media about the power of the human mind and how our thoughts literally become reality. The scientists and thinkers who adhere to this theory claim that any consistent thought that is provided with the right emotion will sooner or later materialize.For us this idea is quite recent, but it has been common for centuries among Tibetan yogis, Vajrayana Buddhism, Bönpo traditions and the Cherokee Indians. Tibetan yogis even claim to be able to create living beings by visualizing them. It is also the basis of everything that has to do with magic, for example, and where rituals are used to draw attention and intention to something. Poltergeists and crop circles were also probably formed by thoughts.

Alexandra David-Neel

In the West, people first heard about tulpas in the 19th century thanks to the famous French world traveler Alexandra David-Néel, who traveled through Tibet for 14 years. She claims to have created a tulpa in the shape of a monk with her own thoughts. After visualizing him for 3 months, she saw him appear as a vague figure for the first time. The more she visualized him, the more solid his shape became. Other people could also perceive this person and he even appeared at times when it was not expected. At a certain point, Alexandra David-Néel was no longer in control of her creation and the figure became increasingly evil. After much effort they managed to make the tulpa disappear, but this proved to be just as difficult as creating it.


In 1912, research was conducted into the materialization of thoughts. A Tibetan guru asked a group of scientists to collectively think of a red puss. The group managed to summon the ghost of this cat.Recently it was also shown that our thoughts influence water. Before freezing the water, it was exposed to positive or negative words, thoughts and emotions. It was found that positively influenced water samples produced beautiful and perfectly shaped crystals, while negative words and thoughts resulted in ugly, misshapen crystals.

Bioenergy, the universe and out-of-body experiences

It is now clear that tulpas are the result of thoughts. The only question remains what these tulpas are made of and where they come from. The concrete answer to this has not yet been proven, but the following possibilities have been suggested:

  • Tulpas are said to be a combination of thoughts, bioenergy, chi (or prana) and astral substances (or ether).
  • The universe would be a collective mind that we are part of and have access to.
  • Some tulpas are said to be living persons experiencing an OBE (out-of-body experience).

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