Make your own scrub salt for soft skin

You can use scrub salt to remove dead skin cells from your body. This is very important to do, especially in the summer, so that you get radiant new skin. Scrub salt is available in many stores, but it is of course even more fun when you can make it yourself. With various additional nourishing ingredients you can make a scrub that ensures good skin care.


You exfoliate to get fresh, radiant, new skin. In winter your skin is often dry, but in summer you want to look good. It is therefore advisable to scrub first before going into the sun. The new skin will tan more evenly and the tan will last longer if you have exfoliated first. Finally, scrubbing also prevents ingrown hairs. So scrub your skin before you shave.

Salt scrub or sugar scrub

You can make both a salt scrub and a sugar scrub, the effect is the same. Make sure the granules are not too coarse, otherwise your skin may become irritated. The salt or sugar is the basis for the scrub, you then add some ingredients to make it extra tasty.

Skin care

How about oil or butter to care for your skin? A simple addition is olive oil, which can be purchased in every supermarket. Olive oil has a very nourishing effect on the skin. Almond oil is also wonderfully soft and provides optimal care for the skin. Coconut butter is a natural variant. Shea butter is a real treat for your skin, but it is a bit more expensive and not available everywhere. However, there are plenty of online stores that sell shea butter.In addition to oil or butter, you can of course also add other things to the scrub. The salt or sugar of course already has a scrubbing effect, but you can also add additional additives. Poppy seeds, strawberry seeds and jojoba grains are delicious in a scrub.

Where do you buy the ingredients?

You can largely get the ingredients for making a scrub in the supermarket or at the store. You can also find many ingredients online.


Making a scrub is absolutely not difficult, anyone can do it. Place the sugar or salt in a bowl and add the oil or butter. Mix the oil or butter with the sugar or salt. It doesn’t matter how much you add, it all depends on your own preference. Then add any additional additives and stir everything together well. If you use butter, it is best to knead the mixture for a while until the fat is well distributed over the scrub.Finally, you can add colorings and fragrances to complete the scrub. Choose a water-based dye (use dye suitable for soap) or a natural mica powder. Add ten to fifteen drops of fragrance oil in your favorite scent to make it a real treat in the shower. When you make a natural scrub, you add essential oil instead of fragrance oil. Essential oils often have many special properties and are available in wonderful scents such as lavender, eucalyptus and pine. Try different scents and see which one you like best.When the scrub is finished, it is best to store it in a jar that you can close. This way you also keep your scrub dry in the shower. Most ingredients have a shelf life of about a year, so you can enjoy your homemade scrub for a long time. Are you still looking for a nice gift? Of course you can also package your homemade scrub nicely and give it to someone else. This way you have an original gift that is made with love.

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