How do you avoid asthma causes?

Asthma can give a very oppressive feeling, because it is a chronic disease of the respiratory tract. If a person with asthma comes into contact with specific triggers or allergic substances, this can lead to a so-called asthma attack. In that case, it results in inflammation, which can make the asthmatic person very short of breath. This is accompanied by coughing and difficulty breathing. It can be a mild form, but can also be life threatening. What can you do yourself to reduce the consequences of asthma, or how do you come into contact with the causes of asthma as little as possible?

Avoid asthma triggers

  • Primary triggers of asthma
  • How can you protect yourself against dust and dust mites?
  • How can you prevent mold formation?
  • How can you prevent insects?
  • How can you reduce the influence of pollen?
  • How do you protect yourself from pets?
  • How to protect against passive smoke?


Primary triggers of asthma

The most important advice is to keep asthma triggers under control. Most causative agents should be found within the following groups:

  • dust mites, fungi and bacteria;
  • pets, cockroaches and irritating cleaning products;
  • second-hand smoke with someone else.


How can you protect yourself against dust and dust mites?

To protect yourself against dust and dust mites in your home, it is necessary to use anti-allergenic substances on pillows, mattresses, duvets and box springs. Of course, the more often you wash it, the better it is. The bedding may not be filled with feathers. Wash the bedding with hot water at least once a week. In addition, it is important to:

  • covering the floor of the house with tiles or laminate so that it is easy to keep clean. So avoid carpet;
  • vacuum dust every day;
  • regularly clean filters of heating or air conditioning, so that clean air enters the room;
  • Avoid heavy hanging curtains by replacing them with washable window coverings. Wash it in hot water. Use roller blinds;
  • store items neatly in closed areas such as plastic boxes and so on. Always clean up mess;
  • always store clothes in drawers and cupboards. It is necessary to always keep this closed;
  • Ensure a low humidity using a dehumidifier to give bacteria no chance.


How can you prevent mold formation?

Use a dehumidifier to keep humidity low. You can extract a lot of vapor from the air with an electric dehumidifier, so that the humidity is between 25 and 50 percent. The use of air conditioning is always recommended, because fresh air is supplied. Also follow the following tips:

  • prevent too much steam in the house by taking cold showers and using a properly functioning extractor hood when cooking;
  • also make sure that the bathroom is clean and do not use cladding in the bathroom;
  • if you are going to paint in the house, add mold inhibitor to the paint;
  • do not place plants in the bedrooms. Use fake plants as much as possible;
  • don’t walk in with your shoes on. Mold from outside must stay outside. Muck and leaves must be stopped at the door.


How can you prevent insects?

Cockroaches and other insects can occur in many places in homes. These are a major source of allergies and should therefore be removed by:

  • the use of anti-insect spray. Only use this when the asthmatic person is not present. The home must be well ventilated after using anti-insect spray;
  • apply mouse traps and make good use of screen doors to prevent flying insects;
  • an ant trap can also provide a solution.


How can you reduce the influence of pollen?

It is difficult to avoid pollen in the air. Pollen mainly enters the air in the early morning between 6 and 9 am, especially when it is warm in the spring to summer period. During those days it is wise to avoid contact with the outside air as much as possible. If you do go outside, use a face mask or an air filter to breathe. Close windows and doors during the pollen season and use air conditioning. Also keep an eye on the weather forecast, as it often states whether it is a good or bad day for allergic people. When it rains, the air is cleared and the windows and doors can be opened temporarily for ventilation.

How do you protect yourself from pets?

Of course, it is always a good idea not to have pets if you have asthma. If you still want to keep a pet, get one that does not have allergic disadvantages. So avoid pets with hair loss. Ask further at the pet store. In addition:

  • Long-term visits to family and friends with pets are avoided as much as possible. For a short visit, it is always important to take asthma medication on time;
  • pets are separated from the living area of the asthmatic person, and any pets kept inside are cleaned weekly.


How to protect against passive smoke?

If you are a smoker yourself as a parent, then stop. You have to stop for the health of the child. Smoking outside does not help, because you still exhale smoke when you have smoked out. If there are family members who smoke, explain to them that they are not allowed to smoke near the child. Try to persuade them to stop as well. If you go out to eat or go outside, go to areas where smoking is not allowed.

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