Successful online dating

You have decided to start dating online. That is of course fun and exciting, but what if no one responds to your advertisement? This is something that is unfortunately often taken for granted, especially among men. This is not always because of you, but often because of the large selection on the websites. This wide range means that you are simply one of many and do not always stand out immediately. Below are some tips for dating as successfully as possible.

The right dating site

The range of dating sites is very varied. Therefore, take a good look at and compare the offers before you register anywhere. You can choose a large dating site, where you have many choices from all kinds of people. You can also focus on a smaller website, which in turn is aimed at a more specific target group. For example, you can think of a dating site for highly educated people. If you really want to be sure that you have a serious candidate, choose a paying website. Here you pay a subscription per year or per month.Source: Scottsnyde, Rgbstock

Prepare for disappointments

Internet dating has become so popular that it is no longer taboo. Many people nowadays look for their loved one via this anonymous route. Looking for a new partner is not always easy. Many people soon leave again or simply don’t hear from them anymore. People are also not very respectful of the anonymity that the internet offers. Therefore, take rejections with a grain of salt and don’t take unanswered emails too personally.

A good photo in your profile

Placing a photo in your profile is very important if you want to date seriously. When you meet someone in everyday life, none of this matters, but with online dating this is often the most important and first thing people look at. Don’t post a photo from ten years ago. Make sure it is a nice photo of yourself. No dark photos and a smile is always welcome.Source: Sundesigns, Rgbstock

Pay attention to your profile

After the photo, a profile is what matters. What are your interests? What don’t you like? Do you smoke? Do you drink? What should you pay particular attention to in a good profile?

  • Provide sufficient information about yourself
  • Indicate what you expect from a partner
  • Try to distinguish yourself. So not the standard sentences of ‘I like walks on the beach’ or ‘I like going to the movies’.
  • Have someone read your profile text
  • Use neat language and pay close attention to language errors
  • Don’t write about your disappointments in your previous relationship(s), but translate this into your wishes for your future.


Look beyond the photos

Of course, you often look at the other person’s profile photos first before continuing with the text behind them. Yet that text is often very important to read. You can often get more out of this than you think. Here you can see whether such a person meets your expectations and has many similarities with your profile.

Make an appointment quickly

Once you have contact and exchange a lot with each other via e-mail, butterflies in your stomach can often start to arise. It is then important not to wait too long before making an appointment. The longer you wait to meet up, the better the picture in your head and therefore the greater the disappointment you may experience when meeting.

Don’t have high expectations

Be realistic with yourself. Love at first sight (on both sides!) is rare. Don’t set high standards for yourself when you have a first date, because this is almost always disappointing. The most important thing is that you had a nice evening. If that is the case for both people, a second date is often a logical consequence. Unfortunately, it often ends in deception, so don’t set too high expectations in advance.

Search beyond the internet

Online dating is of course a good additional way to get dates and meet new people. However, you shouldn’t just stick to internet dating. Even today, the majority of people simply meet each other through work, friends, going out or practicing a hobby. So aim your cupid arrows in all possible directions! Then the chance of success is only greater.

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