How do healthy carbohydrates clear acne and pimples?

Having acne and pimples is a common condition of irritated skin worldwide. It mainly occurs in teenage women and consists of small red pimples, which can appear all over the face or other parts of the body. It is caused by a series of changes due to hormones, food intake, lifestyle, stress and the like. An additional cause of chronic acne also appears to be insulin resistance. What effect does insulin resistance have on pimples and how can healthy carbs help?

Healthy carbohydrates

  • How do pimples form?
  • What is insulin resistance?
  • How does it cause pimples?
  • Treatment of chronic pimples or acne
  • Eating healthy carbohydrates


How do pimples form?

Pimples mainly occur on the face, but are also common on the neck, arms and shoulders. It is caused by an increased level of sebum production, which is again caused by the male hormone androgen. The sebaceous glands contain propioni bacteria, which irritate the skin, causing inflammation. A red bump may then develop, which may fester. The skin is warm and may feel painful. That pus can also cause a chain reaction, causing acne or pimples to develop in many places on the body. It mainly occurs during puberty because the body changes, with the male skin often reacting violently.

What is insulin resistance?

Insulin is often associated with diabetes. However, there is another reason why insulin is active in the body. If the body has been chronically exposed to insulin for a long time, insulin resistance can occur, which can cause additional conditions such as acne. Normally, insulin levels increase to attack rapidly rising blood glucose levels caused by unhealthy, fast-digesting, high-glycemic carbohydrates. In the person suffering from insulin resistance, the body does not respond normally to the existing blood sugar level. If there is insulin resistance, insulin cannot lower blood glucose levels sufficiently. This is caused by lifestyle, food intake and so on. How does insulin resistance cause acne or pimples?

How does it cause pimples?

As mentioned, acne is caused by excessive sebum production. Sebum is an oil that usually keeps the skin smooth and supple, but also ensures the water-repellent character of the skin. How does insulin resistance interact with the skin?:

  • On the one hand, the condition causes excessive production of oil in the skin. Oil and pimple formation definitely go hand in hand as it forms the sebum in the skin. This can therefore be the indirect reason for the formation of pimples;
  • on the other hand, high levels are believed to stimulate the male hormone androgen. This hormone is active in both men and women. As previously established, the hormone androgen causes sebum in the skin.

Both arguments give rise to the fact that insulin resistance causes pimples.

Treatment of chronic pimples or acne

In people who suffer from long-term pimples that are difficult to go away, the cause may be insulin resistance. But how can you treat that?

Way of life

Insulin enters the body when blood glucose levels rise too quickly. This is caused by high glycemic carbohydrates. It is advisable to follow a sensible and balanced diet in which the products or ingredients used contain healthy carbohydrates. As a result, blood glucose levels gradually increase in a more stable manner, requiring relatively less energy-rich food. Because the proportion of glucose in the blood does not peak or is present in an uneven ratio, less insulin is needed. Insulin normally corrects high blood glucose levels by removing it and storing it elsewhere in the body. By consuming healthy carbohydrates, the body receives less glucose at once or the body is given it gradually, so that less insulin is produced and its storage remains limited.

Excessive use of alcohol

Reduce alcohol intake, but beer intake should be limited. Exercise: additional exercise helps the metabolism, as does several small meals spread throughout the day.

Eating healthy carbohydrates

The low-glycemic carbohydrate diet ensures that insulin production in the body reduces to more normal values. This also means that the hormone androgen is no longer stimulated, which stabilizes sebum production in the skin at a more normal level. Follow the low glycemic carbohydrate diet to get rid of chronic pimples and acne.

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