Lose five kilos in two weeks

Want to lose weight but can’t manage it? Do you feel like you are always doing things that are of no use? What’s the fastest way to lose pounds without living an unhealthy lifestyle? If you follow the points below carefully, you will notice that it will certainly have an effect.

Losing weight in the short term

Please note, these types of diets are very good for achieving a desired figure in a short time, for example for a holiday or a party. If you want to lose weight permanently, you will have to make changes in your lifestyle. More exercise and sensible eating are very important. Anyway, how do you lose those desired five kilos in two weeks?

Drink lots of water

Drink lots of water during the day. Not too much either. About three to four liters a day is enough to keep everything going. Water ensures that your body is cleansed.Source: Vivekchugh, RgbstockThe waste products are removed more easily and will burn faster, so you will store less fat.

Reduce carbohydrates

Try to reduce carbohydrate intake. This will cause you to produce less insulin, which means you will feel less hungry and your body will store fat less easily. Try to at least halve the carbohydrates. So instead of two sandwiches, now take one sandwich and one and a half potatoes instead of three potatoes.

Eat lots of vegetables

Of course, vegetables also contain carbohydrates, but with much fewer calories and a lot of fiber. This will curb your appetite and make you less likely to reach for other unhealthy products.Source: Greyman, RgbstockTry to eat vegetables at least half of the time. Mainly choose cauliflower, zucchini, mushrooms, spinach, broccoli and green beans. Of course, don’t add any sauces.

Cardio on an empty stomach

Exercising in the morning on an empty stomach has a great effect on your body. Typically, half an hour of training in the morning is equivalent to an hour of training in the evening. So get started right before your breakfast in the morning! For example, you can go jogging, cycling or skating. You can also just work out with weights at home. It is wise to combine this, for example three days outdoors and two days indoors. And try to push your limits, it may take a little effort.

Eating at least five times a day

If you spread the meals throughout the day, you will see that your body will absorb and process them much more easily. Normally humans eat three meals a day. The body then often has to process larger meals. Any food that cannot be digested immediately will be stored as fat. So if you divide the meals into five or six portions per day, everything will be properly digested by your body and the fats will disappear from your body.

Other tips to lose weight faster

Choose only lean proteins. For example, a chicken breast or a fatty chicken leg contains a lot of calories.Source: Julos, RgbstockChoose turkey, low-fat cottage cheese, eggs without yellow, white fish and protein powder. Make sure you increase fat burning by drinking plenty of green tea. It contains certain substances that promote fat burning by up to five percent. That can easily save half a pound of extra fat.

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