Exercises that help with fluid retention in the legs

Many people suffer from swollen legs, usually also swollen feet and ankles. The legs and ankles swell, especially in warm weather. This can be very annoying and painful. In this article you will find exercises that help against fluid retention in the legs, swollen feet, heavy legs and poor blood circulation…

Women in particular suffer from fluid retention in their legs and/or feet

Especially in the summer, women in particular often suffer from swollen ankles, swollen feet and/or fluid retention in the legs. The result of this may be that there is too much pressure on the veins. This can cause varicose veins.

Diuretic herbal tea or Solidago

The following exercises help to drain excess fluid, so that the feet and legs are less swollen. To increase its effect, diuretics or diuretic herbal teas can also be used. A natural remedy to regulate moisture balance is Solidago, or Goldenrod. Goldenrod is also available as an herb that can be made into tea. The dosage is often 2 tablespoons of Goldenrod in ½ liter of water. Let it steep well before using the tea.

Exercise to reduce fluid at the ankles

Raise your legs a little higher and first rotate in circles with your right foot. First turn clockwise ten times, for example. Then ten more times counterclockwise. Repeat this with the left foot.

Against fluid accumulation in ankles, feet and legs

The well-known jumping rope is an effective remedy against moisture in the legs. Of course, one can also jump without using a skipping rope due to lack of space. If the legs and/or feet become thicker again during the day, the jumping can be repeated.

Exercise to promote blood circulation

Hold the back of a chair for support and then alternately stand from your heels to your toes. Repeat this ten to twenty times. The action of the calf muscles stimulates blood circulation in the legs. This also works against moisture and the formation of varicose veins.

To promote blood circulation and against ‘heavy’ legs

Lie on the floor with your legs raised. Then pull the toes towards you, just like when relieving calf cramps. Relax and repeat at least 10 times. This exercise can be repeated. Then alternate by stretching the toes and pulling them towards you. This is good for the functioning of the calf muscles. There is a remedy for heavy legs available from Yves Rocher: SOS heavy legs with celandine. This product has a cooling effect and ‘relieves’ heavy and tired legs.

Cycling is good for the legs

Cycling also has a beneficial effect, because the legs are constantly moving, blood circulation is stimulated. Cycling while lying down with your legs up also has a beneficial effect. Because the legs are higher, the veins are relieved and the tired, heavy feeling in the legs will disappear. It is also good for blood circulation and fluid drainage.

Increase the effect by using a good leg balm

The effect of the exercises can be increased by using a good leg balm that contains horse chestnut (e.g. from Gehwohl) and/or a foot balm. Preferably elevate the legs a little at night, so that excess fluid can be drained and the legs are relieved. If the leg balm is applied before going to sleep, it can do its work during the night and drain the moisture. Healthy & Well has a foot balm available that has a moisture-wicking effect, so that the feet and ankles become less swollen.

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