The single in question has a nice life

For many people of faith, the family is the cornerstone of society and what you need to realize. For others, faith is not the guiding principle, but they still prefer life with a partner and preferably with one or more children. These are all choices we have to make throughout our lives. The growing group of singles, as we officially call it in Dutch, is often – wrongly – described as “sad” or “pathetic”. But the single in question has a nice life!

Consciously single

Sad or pathetic are terms that often come from someone who has a partner with whom he/she lives, but there is also a question of mirroring. So not strange in itself, because he or she has, if all goes well, consciously chosen a life with a partner. For him or her, being single is not an option and he/she may indeed feel alone or lonely. Since the family still comes first, this picture will not change very quickly. But this does not make the single in question any less happy.

Starting single

It is true that as a (beginning) single you may have to organize a number of things differently. Especially if you come out of a failed relationship, it often takes some getting used to going on alone (which is separate from the grief you have to process). Think of the mix of wanting and being able to be alone and visiting friends if you want to socialize, but also the odd jobs around the house if you are not a handyman yourself, cooking for yourself, etc. In short, a number of things that are easy to set up, but which needs some time to be done.

To do odd jobs

For example, there is the DIY work at home. If you are not a handyman yourself, it is annoying or burdensome to ask your friend who happens to be handy to do every little thing. Nowadays you can have a large job or a combination of small jobs done by a professional handyman for a very reasonable amount. There are several collection sites where you can find a good handyman nearby. Another option is to look at the notice boards in the local supermarket or at the entrance to the indoor shopping centers. This often includes cards from local handymen.

Healthy food

It creeps in that you prepare something quickly and the chance that it will become junk food or ready-made meals is many times greater than in the family. The control over healthy food, especially if there are children, is simply greater in a family. But what enters your body in terms of nutrition is just as important for the single person as it is for the man or woman in the family. Everyone needs good food and if it is prepared with some dedication, it usually tastes better. And why wouldn’t you do that for yourself? Maintains preparing the meal and eating it in peace (not just casually when you are doing something at the computer or watching something on TV). Just take the ingredients your body needs, fresh products that you simply cook and/or bake, and vary your diet. Let eating, even alone, be a daily celebration.


Friends are important in every life, but especially as a single person you have no one at home to have conversations with, hold up the mirror from time to time and do fun things with. A busy job can never be a reason to neglect your friends. The fact that single friends will then become more attracted to each other, because they have fewer obligations when it comes to a support group, is inherent to friendship. But that doesn’t make a friendship with a boyfriend/girlfriend with a partner less valuable, just different. If you have a busy schedule, plan. It may seem less fun than doing something out of the blue, but the chance that nothing will come of it is many times greater. Always cherish your precious friendships.

Lover or friends with benefits

Sex is important for everyone, including single people. If there is no partner, you should look for other options. A large group of people still dislike sex for money, so it is a good thing that there are more and more singles. Friendships that should above all remain friendships, but where sex is an option, is something you see more and more often. This can be sensitive territory if you are not completely sure that the person in question just wants sex and nothing more. Otherwise it could even cost you a friendship. But if it is possible, it is a great solution.In addition, of course, you always have the lover. The man or woman who doesn’t want anything more than just having fun sex with you. Sometimes the man or woman in question has a permanent relationship, whether open or not. It is something you should be able to cope with and which should not cause you any moral objections. In that case it won’t work. But it could also be someone who is not in a steady relationship and would normally not accept you as a partner due to background, age, intelligence level, etc. But fine as a sex partner.Whatever you choose, always make sure there are good rules and don’t accept anything less.


In addition to the aforementioned matters, there is of course also the fact that you have to feel good about yourself when you are alone. It shouldn’t be the case that you always leave the house because the walls are closing in on you or you have difficulty keeping yourself busy. In that case, you have to ask yourself whether a single life is the ideal existence for you.The man or woman who loves himself enough and can have a rich life with and without friends is the man or woman who is suitable for a single life. If you unexpectedly encounter the “love of your life”, the LAT relationship is becoming more popular again. Maybe also a nice option for the single in question!

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