Baby massage, good for parent and child

Massaging your baby is particularly fun for you as a parent. You build a deeper relationship with your child. All that attention and touching is also very pleasant for the baby. In addition, baby massage is also good for the development of the senses, motor skills and much more.

Baby massage

Who doesn’t like to be wonderfully touched? Your baby also experiences this as pleasant and enjoyable. When the baby is still in the womb, it is constantly exposed to the rocking motion in the mother’s womb. The first sense that the baby develops is the skin. This already happens in the abdomen and the rocking movements stimulate this development. The skin is continuously stimulated by the movement. In fact, you continue this development after birth with baby massage: you continue to stimulate the skin and therefore the sense of feeling by touching your baby.With baby massage it is important to take the time with the baby. Make the baby aware of touch and hands (sensation). And also build up some rest after the massage. Baby massage is a pleasant and useful experience for your baby, especially in the first months after birth. And for yourself, because it is fun to do and it strengthens the bond with your baby.

The benefits of baby massage

Baby massage has demonstrable benefits for the child and parent. For the parent it is especially fun to do. There is much more to get out of it for the child. Baby massage

  • provides peace and relaxation
  • makes the baby aware of the body
  • promotes muscle development
  • promotes the baby’s motor skills
  • stimulates the immune system
  • gives self-confidence
  • promotes blood circulation
  • can break a crying pattern by focusing on something else
  • has a positive effect on digestion
  • strengthens the bond between parent and child

In addition, baby massage can also have a therapeutic effect on, for example, premature babies, babies who are particularly restless (hyperactive), crying babies or with, for example, an asthmatic condition. The baby becomes calmer from baby massage and can therefore deal with breathing in a more controlled manner.

Body parts

You can apply baby massage to your baby’s entire body or individual body parts. Each part of the body has its own approach, so be careful. You can work separately with, for example, the arms, torso, legs and feet, neck, face and back. Don’t forget to use a (natural) oil?You can also combine massaging with gymnastic exercises. This contributes to a great journey of discovery of the body and awareness of movement.

Baby massage training or course

Don’t just get started, because your baby is very fragile. It is therefore advisable to follow a training or course in baby massage so that you know what you are doing. Search the internet for a baby massage course or training in your area. Did you know that in many cases the baby massage course can simply be declared to the health insurer? To be sure whether this is also the case in your case, it is advisable to check your insurance policy in advance.

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