The healing power of blackberries

The blackberry is a very healthy piece of fruit. Blackberries have red, sweet cousins in raspberries. You can buy blackberries in the supermarket for a large part of the year. This fruit is freely available in nature in August and September. Unfortunately, gardeners everywhere in the Netherlands keep blackberries out of parks. Every year this shrub grows up in parks and every year they are mowed down again because they are said to be unwanted weeds. People would probably like nothing more than to pick some fresh blackberries from the park. NB! This article is written from the personal view of the author and may contain information that is not scientifically substantiated and/or in line with the general view.


  • The nutritional value of blackberries
  • Fruit prevents cancer
  • Anthocyanins, good for diabetes patients
  • Blackberries in your garden
  • Eating tips for blackberries


The nutritional value of blackberries

Blackberries are not only tasty but also extremely nutritious. The blackberry is a fruit that is chock full of antioxidants. These substances are good for the body and, among other things, fight cancer. Blackberries contain a lot of vitamin C, which is a good substance to increase general vitality and strengthen the immune system. This makes you less susceptible to any kind of illness.

Fruit prevents cancer

The database of scientific studies of the Journal of Biochemical Chemistry contains a study showing that the phytonutrient cyanidin-3-glucoside from blackberries is an additional tool to combat cancer. The substance is called a natural chemotherapy. In addition, blackberries contain ellagic acid, which also has anti-cancer effects. The polyphenol ellagic acid promotes apoptosis, which is the sudden death, of cancer cells.

Anthocyanins, good for diabetes patients

There are many anthocyanins in blackberries. These phytonutrients are known for their effectiveness in combating diabetes. After consuming food containing anthocyanins, higher insulin levels are produced in the cells. Insulin is the substance that regulates blood sugar levels. When sugary products are eaten, the body produces insulin itself to maintain blood sugar levels. In diabetes patients, the pancreas, which produces insulin, no longer works properly. It is important for diabetic or diabetic patients to eat a lot of food containing anthocyanins.

Blackberries in your garden

You can easily grow blackberries in your own garden. The plant has many spines and therefore forms a good natural barrier for intruders. Blackberries are very tasty. In the summer there are a lot of blackberries on a large bush. Then it’s time to make blackberry jam so that you can enjoy blackberries from your own garden all year round. The blackberry bush is a strong grower and must be pruned regularly so that it does not take over the entire garden.

Eating tips for blackberries

Besides blackberry jam, you can also make blackberry pie. The blackberry is also ideal for picking up and snacking carefully between your thumb and index finger. It is a great fruit for a smoothie. Freshly squeezed blackberries that have been sieved to remove any seeds can be added to yogurt as a natural sauce or poured over homemade ice cream, pancakes and crêpes. Blackberries combine well with raspberries. Instead of making blackberry jam, you can also put fresh blackberries on your bread. You can puree blackberries and mix them with ground coconut and honey to spread on a sandwich. This mixture also works well as a sauce for homemade ice cream. Fresh blackberries do not keep for a long time.

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