Soal Essay dan Jawaban Essay Bahasa Inggris kelas X semester 2

Hai teman-teman, di bawah ini adalah Soal Essay dan Jawaban Essay Bahasa Inggris kelas X semester 2. Mudah-mudahan Soal Essay dan Jawaban Essay Bahasa Inggris kelas X semester 2 bermanfaat banyak.

Soal No. 1) What do you know about past experience?

Something that happened in the past and affects how you feel

Soal No. 2) How do you tell the events in the recount text?

In chronological order use of simple past tense

Soal No. 3) Why do some experiences affect our life?

Because it can make us fun, sad, happy, annoyed, embrassed, interested.

Soal No. 4) Write a recount text in a brief about news on TV !

Reason PLN foreign Debt Addiction
The weekening of the rupiah against the U.S dollar the United States (US) over the past year by 26% to hit the financial performance of PT PLN (persero). State owned enterprises (SOES) poste electricity losses up to Rp.48 trillion, so not able to deposit the devidned the government.

We hope, this year the exchange rate could be stabilized so as to minimize the impact on the financial performance of PLN.

Soal No. 5) What are the characteristic of recount text?

The characteristics of recount text:
a) Use of simple past tense
b) Use of chronological order
c) Use of action verb
d) Use of temporal conjungtions

Soal No. 6) What is the social function of these text?
a. Descriptive
b. Announcement
c. Recount

a. The social function of descriptive text: To describe a thing, a place, or a person.
b. The social function of Announcement: to inform publicly, to invite, or to ask the reader to do something.
c. The social function of Recount: To retell past events

Soal No. 7) Why does the descriptive text use simple present tense?

Because it describes the general truth of something and sometimes it never changes.

Soal No. 8) What are the characteristics of announcement?

The characteristics of announcement :
a) Use of simple present tense or imperative sentence
b) It consists of opening, content, and closing
c) It is addressed to public

Soal No. 9) Make an announcement text about a competition will be held in your school!

For commemorate Islam’s New Year, our school have many competition like fashion show, make a rice cone, adzan, sing religion song.
That will be held: Monday, 29 April 2013
Time: 08-00 a.m until 01.00 p.m
Place: different place for every competition
Every class must join all competition. For registration please call Non Rianty for class X IPA 4.
Limit registration on 26 April.
Thank you.

Soal No. 10) How do you describe s tourist resort? What should you mention?

a) In details
b) Location
c) Distance
d) Building
e) Facilities
f) And attraction

Soal No. 11) What is the social function of narrative text?

The social function of narrative text is to amuse or entertain the reader with a story.

Soal No. 12) Why do narrative texts use simple past tense?

Because it tell about past story

Soal No. 13) Mention the general structures of a narrative text! Explain!

a) Orientation: who where involved in the story, when and where introduces specific participants and setting.
b) Complication: a problem which arises followed by other problem
c) Resolution: the situation which the problem have been resolved

Soal No. 14) How do most stories end?

It can be tragic, sad, or happy ending

Soal No. 150 What kind of announcement do you hear at supermarket?

a) Lost and found announcement
b) Discount or sale announcement

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